Glacier & CO2: Then-And-Now

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We worked with mountaineer photographer David Breashears to quantify glacier meltdown in the Himalayas and Karakoram regions visually. With the Main Rongbuk Glacier in the valley of Mt Everest thinning over 300 feet, we introduced the iconic Statue of Liberty as a reference to illustrate the scale of change over a 80-year time frame.

Everest Glacier Meltdown: 1921-2007 (George Mallory - David Breashears)


By the end of 2015, governments of the world finally managed to score a victory in the fight against climate change in Paris. Yet, it is just a beginning. Or, we just saved the chance to save ourselves, according to environmental advocate Bill McKibben (his tweet below).

We looked at the historical carbon dioxide emission data and here below is a chart of CO2‘s two centuries of ups and downs, with a few select major economies:

CO2 Emissions by Major Economies in 200 Years

Also noteworthy: Asia would have surpassed the United States as the world’s largest cumulative CO2 emitter by 2016. (In the chart below, the leogryph icon, from the Asia Society logo, in the orange background represents Asia)

Cumulative CO2 Emissions of the U.S., Asia and China Until 2015