Roger Federer: GOAT of Inspiration and Style

Roger Federer’s endorsement earnings (May 2018-19): $86M in total

Moet & Chandon$8,000,000
Credit Suisse$2,000,000
Tournament prizes$7,400,000
Roger Federer at 2017 US Open
Roger Federer during practice at 2017 US Open

The 2019 US Open turned out to be another disappointment to millions of fans who were so eager to see a long-overdue Federer-Nadal showdown in the largest tennis stadium in the world. Fingers crossed for 2020?

At any event, the most idolized tennis player still leads the grand slam titles by one to Nadal’s 19. Although this may change soon, Federer has already done something quite extraordinary: inspiring generations of younger players to rise to a level that has never seen before.

Maybe the disproportionately greater share of his endorsement income, and the commitments that come with it, have contributed to his slide, trailing Djokovic and Nadal on the ATP singles rankings. (And he’s a father of four.) Being a 38-year-old who’s still at his prime is another inspiration for his arch rivals and many others for generations to come.

And there’s one thing that he arguably remains unmatched: athletic aesthetics. His game has both style and speed, power and precision. Both Nadal and Djokovic can beat Federer in a match. But not on elegance.

Slow-motion: Federer’s whipping forehand

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Latest update on Sept. 17, 2019

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