After Glacier Meltdown: Kyetrak 2009

A huge honor to be working with David Breashears and the Asia Society team on this magnificent body of work visualizing the dramatic meltdown of Himalayan glaciers with before-and-after images. Also check out a New York Times column about the project and exhibition showcasing an interactive slider that I created.

Intro Video: On Thinner Ice

These expansive fields of ice on the Tibetan Plateau are frozen reservoirs, feeding into the headwaters of Asia’s major river systems along which many of Asia’s early civilizations arose. Their melting will impact over 2 billion downstream Asian users and the world.

Also check this out:

[Need to tap to play back on the iPhone/iPad]

Tip of my hat to amazing work by groups like Climate Central, whose Surging Seas has really stood out with nifty tools (such as Mapping Choices) to look up and look out whether your community is safe from rising seas.

[Above: Two scenarios of how rising seas will engulf the lower Manhattan area around the Charging Bull. Credits go to Climate Central, and be sure to check out Google Earth videos of more global cities here.]

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