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Reel 2016

Data Viz, Graphics, Video
Glacier & CO2: Then-And-Now

Data Viz, Graphics, Web
Fresh Air by 2030

Animation, Data Viz, Documentary, Graphics, Video
Pictures Talk: Call for Entries

Animation, Branded, Video
40 Years of CAS-MPG Bond

Branded, Video
Promo Video: Chinese Academy of Sciences

Branded, Video
Photographing Shangri-La for NatGeo

Branded, Video
Discovery Asia: Himalayan Meltdown

Documentary, Film, Video

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Family Projects

First and foremost is an exhausting video production that took exactly a year to shoot, edit and put together, huge thanks to Yoyo’s mom, grandma and grandpa, without whom this production would have been mission impossible.


An ongoing documentation of Yoyo’s growth gets spiced up with an animation technique. (Hint: Michael Jackson’s Black or White music video or also known as metamorphosis) [More photos can be seen in Yoyo Portraits on my blog site]

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GIFs: Time Traveling in Shanghai

Really impressed by this MIT scientist/photographer who has taken repeat photography to an artistic level, documenting the dramatic changes over the landscapes in many Chinese cities (more here). Here is Shanghai Pudong:

Pudong, Shanghai, circa 1920-2009, (Unknown, Dheera Venkatraman)

Pudong, Shanghai, circa 1920-2009, (Unknown, Dheera Venkatraman)

Shanghai via satellite, 1984-2012 (Google Earth)

Shanghai via satellite, 1984-2012 (Google Earth)

More GIFs of other Chinese cities on


Ads: Evian, Live Young

Awfully cute and massively creative TVCs featuring babies outdoing their adult avatars on dancing, surfing, roller-skating, etc.

More of these and behind the scenes video on


GIFs: Rising Sea Levels in Shanghai & NYC

I wrote on about the dramatic renditions of climate change impacts on major cities around the world, with large swaths of urban centers flooded by rising waters, between the 2C and 4C temperature rise scenarios. A huge tip of my hat to for their genius and artistic work on visualizing the consequences of climate crisis.

Shanghai in scenarios of 2C vs 4C temperature rises

Shanghai in scenarios of 2C vs 4C temperature rises

The Charging Bull in Lower Manhattan in New York City on 2C vs 4C temperature rises

The Charging Bull in Lower Manhattan in New York City on 2C vs 4C temperature rises

More of these scenarios in other world cities on


#ProjectChange on Empire State Building

We had the pleasure of witnessing one of the largest digital projections in New York City on August 1, 2015 that called out attention about what is projected as the sixth mass extinction of species on Earth. The projection was artistic. It was powerful. It was way cooler than what this video capture could attempt to emulate or do justice to. Find out more about the Discovery documentary Racing Extinction.

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